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      17th Judicial District

      17th Judicial District

      Chief Judge

      Preston A. Pratt - Norton County


      District Magistrate Judge

      Deb Anderson - Norton County
      Jay E. Tate - Decatur County
      Jessie A. Thompson - Graham County
      Michael Kirchhoff - Smith County
      Paula Hofaker - Phillips County
      Renee Henke - Osborne County


      Chief Clerk

      Janelle Morel - Norton County


      Chief Court Services Officer

      Lisa Dusin - Phillips County

      Decatur County District Court

      Decatur County Courthouse 120 E Hall St PO Box 89 Oberlin, KS 67749 Phone: 785-475-8107 Fax: 785-475-8170 Clerk of the District Court: Rhonda Wildeman
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      Graham County District Court

      Graham County Courthouse 410 N Pomeroy Hill City, KS 67642 Phone: 785-421-3458 Fax: 785-421-5463 Clerk of the District Court: Tiffany Breinig
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      Norton County District Court

      Norton County Courthouse 101 S Kansas PO Box 70 Norton, KS 67654 Phone: 785-877-5720 Fax: 785-877-5722 Clerk of the District Court: Janelle Morel
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      Osborne County District Court

      Osborne County Courthouse 423 W Main PO Box 160 Osborne, KS 67473-0160 Phone: 785-346-5911 Fax: 785-346-5992 Clerk of the District Court: Michelle LeiVan
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      Phillips County District Court

      Phillips County Courthouse 301 State St PO Box 564 Phillipsburg, KS 67661-0564 Phone: 785-543-6830 Fax: 785-543-6832 Clerk of the District Court: Debra Grammon
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      Smith County District Court

      Smith County Courthouse 218 S Grant PO Box 273 Smith Center, KS 66967-0273 Phone: 785-282-5140 Fax: 785-282-5145 Clerk of the District Court: Cathi Holt
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