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      18th Judicial District

      18th Judicial District

      Chief Judge

      Jeffrey Goering

      District Court Judge

      Phillip Journey
      Dave Dahl 
      Gregory D. Keith 
      Robb Rumsey 
      Seth Rundle 
      Eric Williams 
      Rodger Woods 
      Richard Macias 
      Chris Magana
      Bruce Brown 
      Monique K. Centeno 
      Kevin M. Smith 
      Kevin O'Connor
      J. Patrick Walters
      David Kaufman
      Kellie Hogan 
      Linda Kirby 
      Faith Maughan 
      Michael Hoelscher 
      Stephen Ternes 
      Jeffrey Dewey 
      Deborah Hernandez Mitchell 
      William Sioux Woolley
      Tyler Roush 
      Sean M.A. Hatfield 
      Jeff Syrios 
      Eric Commer 


      District Court Administrator

      Ellen House - Sedgwick County


      Chief Court Services Officer

      Melinda B. Wilson - Sedgwick County

      Sedgwick County District Court

      Sedgwick County Courthouse 525 N Main Wichita, KS 67203-3773 Phone: 316-660-5801 Fax: 316-660-5784 Clerk of the District Court: Bernie Lumbreras
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