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      22nd Judicial District

      22nd Judicial District

      Chief Judge

      James A. Patton - Brown County


      District Court Judge

      John L. Weingart - Brown County


      District Magistrate Judge

      Angela Hecke - Marshall County
      Lara E. Johnson-McNish - Doniphan County
      Scott M. Anson - Nemaha County


      Chief Clerk

      Michelle Smith - Doniphan County


      Chief Court Services Officer

      Vernie L Coy - Brown County

      Brown County District Court

      Brown County Courthouse 601 Oregon PO Box 417 Hiawatha, KS 66434-0417 Phone: 785-742-7481 Fax: 785-742-3506 Clerk of the District Court: Joy Moore
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      Doniphan County District Court

      Doniphan County Courthouse 120 E Chestnut PO Box 295 Troy, KS 66087 Phone: 785-985-3582 Fax: 785-985-2402 Clerk of the District Court: Michelle Smith
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      Marshall County District Court

      Marshall County Courthouse 1201 Broadway PO Box 149 Marysville, KS 66508-0149 Phone: 785-562-5301 Fax: 785-562-2458 Clerk of the District Court: Nancy Koch
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      Nemaha County District Court

      Nemaha County Courthouse 607 Nemaha PO Box 213 Seneca, KS 66538-0213 Phone: 785-336-2146 Fax: 785-336-6450 Clerk of the District Court: Amy M. Entrikin
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