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      24th Judicial District

      24th Judicial District

      Chief Judge

      Bruce Gatterman - Pawnee County


      District Magistrate Judge

      Dale Snyder - Rush County
      Julie Cowell - Pawnee County
      Ken Schmidt - Edwards County
      Kenton Gleason - Hodgeman County
      Shelley Selfridge - Lane County
      R. Scott Barrows - Ness County


      Chief Clerk

      Linda Atteberry - Edwards County


      Chief Court Services Officer

      Gail Antenen - Ness County

      Edwards County District Court

      Edwards County Courthouse 312 Massachusetts PO Box 232 Kinsley, KS 67547 Phone: 620-659-2442 Fax: 620-659-2998 Clerk of the District Court: Linda Atteberry
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      Hodgeman County District Court

      Hodgeman County Courthouse 500 Main PO Box 187 Jetmore, KS 67854-0187 Phone: 620-357-6522 Fax: 620-357-6216 Clerk of the District Court: Dana Hoss
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      Lane County District Court

      Lane County Courthouse 144 S Lane PO Box 188 Dighton, KS 67839 Phone: 620-397-2805 Fax: 620-397-5526 Clerk of the District Court: Marlene Rupp
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      Ness County District Court

      Ness County Courthouse 100 S Kansas PO Box 445 Ness City, KS 67560 Phone: 785-798-3693 Fax: 785-798-3348 Clerk of the District Court: Joby Henning
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      Pawnee County District Court

      Pawnee County Courthouse 715 Broadway PO Box 270 Larned, KS 67550-0270 Phone: 620-285-6937 Fax: 620-285-3665 Clerk of the District Court: Kay M. Schartz
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      Rush County District Court

      Rush County Courthouse 715 Elm PO Box 387 LaCrosse, KS 67548 Phone: 785-222-2718 Fax: 785-222-2748 Clerk of the District Court: Pamela Davis
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