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      25th Judicial District

      25th Judicial District

      Chief Judge

      Robert J. Frederick - Finney County


      District Court Judge

      Ricklin Pierce - Finney County
      Christopher Sanders - Finney County
      Wendel W. Wurst - Finney County


      District Magistrate Judge

      ?Timothy R. Woods - Finney County
      Christopher Velez - Hamilton County
      Ed Frock - Scott County
      Korina Wedel - Wichita County
      Richard H. Hodson - Kearny County
      Wade Dixon - Greeley County


      District Court Administrator

      Kurtis Jacobs - Finney County


      Chief Court Services Officer

      Craig Aronson - Finney County

      Finney County District Court

      Finney County Courthouse 425 N 8th St Garden City, KS 67846-0798 Phone: 620-271-6120 Fax: 620-271-6140 Clerk of the District Court: Christine Blake
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      Greeley County District Court

      Greeley County Courthouse 616 2nd Ave PO Box 516 Tribune, KS 67879 Phone: 620-376-4292 Fax: 620-376-2351 Clerk of the District Court: Tammi Hazel
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      Hamilton County District Court

      Hamilton County Courthouse 219 N Main PO Box 745 Syracuse, KS 67878 Phone: 620-384-5159 Fax: 620-384-7806 Clerk of the District Court: Glenda Cheatum
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      Kearny County District Court

      Kearny County Courthouse 304 N Main PO Box 64 Lakin, KS 67860 Phone: 620-271-6254 Fax: 620-355-7462 Clerk of the District Court: Cherie Rutherford
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      Scott County District Court

      Scott County Courthouse 303 Court St Scott City, KS 67871 Phone: 620-872-7208 Fax: 620-872-3683 Clerk of the District Court: Sandra Eitel
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      Wichita County District Court

      Wichita County Courthouse 206 S 4th PO Box 968 Leoti, KS 67861-0968 Phone: 620-260-2560 Fax: 620-375-2999 Clerk of the District Court: Deborah Mitchell
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