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      26th Judicial District

      26th Judicial District

      Chief Judge

      Bradley E. Ambrosier - Morton County


      District Court Judge

      Clint Peterson - Seward County
      Linda W. Gilmore - Stevens County


      District Magistrate Judge

      Margaret L. Alford - Grant County
      Paula J. Sosa - Stevens County
      Steven Santala - Haskell County
      Thomas Kemp - Morton County
      Vernon Butt - Stanton County


      Chief Clerk

      Koleen Nosekabel - Haskell County


      Chief Court Services Officer

      Jean Lamatsch - Stevens County

      Grant County District Court

      Grant County Courthouse 108 S Glenn Ulysses, KS 67880 Phone: 620-356-1526 Fax: 620-353-2131 Clerk of the District Court: Reid Borchetta
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      Haskell County District Court

      Haskell County Courthouse 300 S Inman PO Box 146 Sublette, KS 67877 Phone: 620-675-2671 Fax: 620-675-8599 Clerk of the District Court: Koleen Nosekabel
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      Morton County District Court

      Morton County Courthouse 1025 Morton PO Box 825 Elkhart, KS 67950 Phone: 620-697-2563 Fax: 620-697-4289 Clerk of the District Court: Matti L. Rich
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      Seward County District Court

      Seward County Courthouse 415 N Washington Ste 103 Liberal, KS 67901 Phone: 620-626-3375 Fax: 620-626-3302 Clerk of the District Court: Donna Odneal
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      Stanton County District Court

      Stanton County Courthouse 201 N Main Box 913 Johnson, KS 67855-0913 Phone: 620-492-2180 Fax: 620-492-6410 Clerk of the District Court: Marisa Koehn
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      Stevens County District Court

      Stevens County Courthouse 200 E 6th Hugoton, KS 67951 Phone: 620-544-2484 Fax: 620-544-2528 Clerk of the District Court: Kelsee Burnett
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