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      28th Judicial District

      28th Judicial District

      Chief Judge

      Rene Young - Saline County


      District Court Judge

      Jared B. Johnson - Saline County
      Patrick Thompson - Saline County
      Paul Hickman - Saline County


      District Magistrate Judge

      Jason C. Parks - Ottawa County


      District Court Administrator

      Todd Heitschmidt - Saline County


      Chief Court Services Officer

      Kevin Emerson - Saline County

      Ottawa County District Court

      Ottawa County Courthouse 307 N Concord Minneapolis, KS 67467 Phone: 785-392-2917 Fax: 785-392-3626 Clerk of the District Court: Erin Kearn
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      Saline County District Court

      Saline County Courthouse 300 W Ash PO Box 1760 Salina, KS 67402-1760 Phone: 785-309-5831 Fax: 785-309-5845 Clerk of the District Court: Teresa Drane
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