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      29th Judicial District

      29th Judicial District

      Chief Judge

      Robert P. Burns - Wyandotte County


      District Court Judge

      Aaron T. Roberts 
      Bill L. Klapper 
      Constance Alvey 
      Courtney Mikesic
      Daniel Cahill 
      Delia M. York
      Jane A. Wilson 
      Jennifer Orth Myers 
      Kathleen M. Lynch 
      Michael Russell 
      Renee Henry 
      Robert A. Martinez
      Timothy Dupree 
      Wesley K. Griffin
      William Mahoney 


      District Court Administrator

      Anita Peterson


      Chief Court Services Officer

      Christopher S. Esquibel

      Wyandotte County District Court

      Wyandotte County Courthouse 710 N 7th St Kansas City, KS 66101 Phone: (913) 573-5000 Fax: Clerk of the District Court: Kristi L. Hill
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