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      30th Judicial District

      30th Judicial District

      Chief Judge

      William R. Mott - Sumner County


      District Court Judge

      Francis Meisenheimer - Pratt County
      Vacant - Sumner County


      District Magistrate Judge

      Candace R. Lattin - Barber County
      Ronald C. Sylvester - Kingman County
      Scott McPherson - Harper County


      Chief Clerk

      Ann McNett - Barber County


      Chief Court Services Officer

      Candace Giefer - Sumner County

      Barber County District Court

      Barber County Courthouse 118 E Washington Medicine Lodge, KS 67104 Phone: 620-886-5639 Fax: 620-886-5854 Clerk of the District Court: Ann McNett
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      Harper County District Court

      Harper County Courthouse 201 N Jennings PO Box 467 Anthony, KS 67003 Phone: 620-842-3721 Fax: 620-842-6025 Clerk of the District Court: Rachel Denton
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      Kingman County District Court

      Kingman County Courthouse 130 N Spruce PO Box 495 Kingman, KS 67068 Phone: 620-532-5151 Fax: 620-532-2952 Clerk of the District Court: Staci L. Jackson
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      Pratt County District Court

      Pratt County Courthouse 300 S Ninnescah PO Box 984 Pratt, KS 67124 Phone: 620-672-4100 Fax: 620-672-2902 Clerk of the District Court: Crystal Gossett
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      Sumner County District Court

      Sumner County Courthouse 501 N Washington PO Box 399 Wellington, KS 67152 Phone: 620-326-5936 Fax: 620-326-5365 Clerk of the District Court: Wanda Keith
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