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      Kansas Supreme Court Law Library

      The law library is a reference service for judges, lawyers, and the public.

      About the law library

      The Kansas Supreme Court Law Library is located on the first floor of the Kansas Judicial Center. It supports the legal research information needs of Kansas judges, court personnel, lawyers, state employees, students, and the public. Librarians may provide guidance and access to legal information, but they cannot provide legal advice.

      Recent acquisitions

      February 2020: Acquisitions | Supplements 
      November 2019: Acquisitions | Supplements 
      May-June 2019: Acquisitions | Supplements
      March-April 2019: Acquisitions | Supplements
      January-February 2019: Acquisitions | Supplements 



      • Copying, scanning or Microfiche 15 cents per page 

      • Color copies 50 cents per page

      • Faxing 50 cents per page

      • Interlibrary loan 

      • New law library acquisitions and supplements

      • Federal documents depository  


      Library databases

      You may access these services online from outside the law library:

      You must visit the library to use these services:


      Printed library collections

      • Briefs 

      • Statutes and session laws from all 50 states.  

      • Federal materials 

      • Treatise material 

      • Published opinions 

      • Unpublished opinions (1993 to 2017) 

      • Kansas Administrative Regulations 

      • Historical materials


      Legal self-help 

      In addition to legal books for nonlawyers in the Supreme Court Law Library collection, we suggest: 

      Kansas Judicial Council

      Kansas Legal Services

      Lawyer referral service


      Kansas law school libraries 

      University of Kansas School of Law

      Washburn University School of Law



      Kansas Supreme Court Law Library
      301 SW 10th Ave., 1st Floor
      Topeka KS 66612-1507
      Fax: 785-296-1863



      Marcia Hannon, assistant director and federal depository librarian
      Marie Valdivia, library assistant 


      U.S. Federal Depository Library

      The U.S. Government Publishing Office through the Federal Depository Library Program distributes certain classes of government documents free of cost to federal depository libraries. These libraries must offer free, public access to their federal collections. Information specialists are available at these libraries to help people locate federal information.

      The Supreme Court Law Library is a Congressionally designated depository of U.S. Government Documents. Public access to the government documents collection is guaranteed by public law. (Title 44 United States Code)

      Federal Depository Library Program


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