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      Supreme Court

      The Supreme Court is the highest court in the state court system. Its decisions set binding legal precedent that lower courts must follow.

      Kansas Supreme Court

      Kansas Supreme Court

      Seven justices sit on the Kansas Supreme Court. Each was selected through a merit-based nomination process Kansas voters added to our state Constitution in 1958. The process involves the nine-member Supreme Court Nominating Commission, which reviews nominees, and the governor, who makes the appointments.

      After a justice's first full year in office, he or she must stand for a retention vote in the next general election to remain on the court. If a majority of votes are cast to retain the justice, he or she remains in office for a term of six years. Justices are subject to a similar retention vote every six years.


      Supreme Court portrait

      Seated from left: Justice Carol Beier; Chief Justice Marla Luckert; Justice Eric Rosen. Standing from left: Justice Evelyn Wilson; Justice Dan Biles; Justice Caleb Stegall.

      Seven justices serve on the Supreme Court. The newest justice, Keynen "KJ" Wall Jr., was sworn in August 3. 

      Role of chief justice  

      The Kansas Constitution provides for the justice with the most years of service on the court to be chief justice, unless he or she declines or resigns the position. The chief justice has general administrative supervision over the affairs of the court and of the unified judicial branch of government. 

      Historical listing of Supreme Court justices

      Find a listing of previous Supreme Court justices.


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