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      Centralized Case Management System Project

      A core component of eCourt is a centralized case management system.

      Centralized case management system project

      Installation of the centralized case management system will complete the conversion from local, paper-driven processes to a statewide electronic one. It will provide attorneys, judges, and court personnel using an internet connection immediate access to authorized case information, details, and records from across the state. It will also require statewide standardization of many local court practices. 

      Project vision and guiding principles 
      Centralized case management system rollout plan 

      eCourt rules

      Select the Rules Relating to eCourt category on the Search Rules page.  

      News releases

      05-12-20: Pandemic response delays expansion of centralized case management system
      05-07-20: 10th Judicial District to join statewide centralized case management system

      01-17-18: Supreme Court announces rollout plan for statewide centralized case management system
      09-18-17: Supreme Court selects vendor to provide statewide centralized case management system




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