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      Coronavirus (COVID-19)

      Kansas continues to provide access to its courts but in a manner that protects you and the judges and employees who serve your community. If you have court business, try completing that business online, by phone, or by mail. If that’s not possible, call the court for direction. 

      District court contacts
      Kansas Courts Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

      Get legal help

      Legal service programs offer information and advice. They may also provide legal representation on some civil legal issues. The information provided here explains where you can get legal help and what fees you may have to pay. 

      Get legal help

      Self-help resources

      Find court forms
      Small claims court 
      Court basics
      What to expect from court staff
      Appellate procedure outline

      Frequently asked questions

      Answers to common questions about court proceedings

      Child support guidelines 

      Child support guidelines


      Court Appointed Special Advocates
      Citizen review boards
      Parent ally orientation

      Dispute resolution

      A neutral mediator can help you and another party in a dispute. They help you identify issues, reduce misunderstandings, clarify priorities, explore areas of compromise, and find points of agreement. You decide on an agreement, not the mediator.

      About dispute resolution

      Court interpreters

      If you are involved in a court case, you may request a foreign language court interpreter or a sign language court interpreter to understand the proceedings.

      Request an interpreter
      Become an interpreter

      Search district court records

      Public court records are accessible at each courthouse and through a variety of online searches.

      Search district court records

      Request court records

      The Kansas Open Records Act allows you to inspect and obtain copies of public records maintained by Kansas courts, as long as those records are not exempt from disclosure.

      Request court records

      File a complaint

      You can file a complaint against an attorney, a judge, or a court reporter.

      Filing a complaint

      Visit the Kansas Judicial Center

      Tours of the judicial center are suspended until further notice.


      Find a District Court

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